Jobs in Recession

JOBS in Egypt

Next month is the 8th month, August – which speaks of new beginnings. A good time to reconsider your jobs…consider whether you are slaving in Egypt or living in Canaan.  This refers to your mind-set and not what you do i.e. the raison d’etre for your motivations and actions.  How can you recognise Egypt? Or Jobs in Egypt.  The following will help you…if you have started reading Wealth out of Ashes, …it does say a few things on Egypt and Canaan.

Wealth out of AshesEgypt represents the best of humanism and worldliness. These are the ways of modern industry in opposition to divine truths.

  1. Egypt is a place of toiling and apparent lack of fulfilment or satisfaction.
  2. Egypt is watered with thy foot. Implying much physical exertion
  3. Egypt is a flat land dependent on irrigation. The land is attractive, and much to be preferred by the eye.  A first glance leaves a good impression and makes it the place of natural choice.
  4. Egypt produces a garden of vegetables (herbs). A garden is very beautiful and the visitor is impressed at the arrangements, soft delicate greenery and luscious leaves.  However, a garden cannot be left on its own without very careful and regular tendering and maintenance.  God is not the gardener – you are. This means it will continue to always need your push and continued tendering…ensuring moisture is right, coping with disease, evil winds, pestilence and adverse weather which can all be completely unpredictable. There are days you discover the gardens are completely destroyed and you must begin afresh.  The gardeners eventually get tired – retired , the next cadre eagerly pop out of business school, pleading to enter the garden…they imagine that surely this must be the ideal life path…most do not know of any other.
  5. Egypt’s prosperity is dependent on the Nile ruled by the great dragon Pharaoh. Recession in Egypt is tough

The Recession for someone in Egypt has different implications from someone in Canaan, Wealth out of Ashes, in Chapter 9 – Rain from Heaven helps you see Canaan.  Your first response is to come out of Egypt…leave the current mindset…

There is no need seeking to improve conditions in Egypt…instead, be in Canaan and begin to lift up your eyes.  You will see – perhaps even in the same career…

  • New ideas/innovation
  • New doors and opportunities
  • Perspective on issues will change
  • A very attractive position may begin to look very different
  • Peace and stability come when God has truly become your source.

Remain blessed …always.

Bode Ososami

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