Do you sense there is something missing in your life?  All the wealth in the universe will not satisfy you because you were created by God for His pleasure. You have tried to fill your life with vain pursuits, acquisitions, new interests and experimented with different lifestyles and religions that only made you feel empty.  All you need is a relationship with a person – JESUS.

First, recognize your need for Him, as you see your sins and struggles to finding an ever so elusive peace and joy.  Acknowledge your sins and helplessness. Ask Him, to take over your life, as Lord and Saviour, by inviting and welcoming Him into your heart.  Believe that He is able to save you, as you have received Him in your heart.

 John 1[12]  But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.

Get a Bible and start to read it.  Begin from the Gospels in the New Testament. Ask God to lead you to a good Church, where the truthSalvation of the Word of God is preached.  Tell everybody else what you have just done and experienced.  You may want to contact us, we want to hear from you and pray with you. God bless you and may the Lord keep you blameless until He returns.   Amen


You may also want to leave a comment. By His grace we will be praying with and for you. If you so request, we can send you materials on how you can get started as a Christian even as you have taken a decision for Him. Please also leave comments (you wish to be privately read), special prayers and request for support  and discipling materials (which for now can only be sent electronically) in the (parent)Prayers/Comments page. You may also want to ask questions on your new walk in Christ.

Our God reigns.


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