Songs of Joseph

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The major theme of this New Bible Devotional is the story of Joseph which is not just about elevation of a man from the pit to the peak in Egypt.  Rather, it sings of the amazing love and forgiveness of God and foreshadows His mercy through Christ Jesus (our Joseph) to fallen man.  The story has insights to handling daily challenges especially for the discouraged and cautions to keep the strong.   Joseph is an unforgettable character and the Bible details his life to help the reader understand how God transforms the plain and ordinary to greatness.  The preservation for which Joseph consecrated his life for God’s purpose enabled the birth of a great and mighty nation from a troubled and marred family in the most unlikely womb – Egypt.   There is hope for you. Enjoy the sublime poetry and benefit from the inspiration of many who through varied spiritual experiences birthed timeless prose.

This devotional augments many others in encouraging and supporting the saint to fulfill divine destiny by holding on to God.  The Songs of Joseph is a new song – a fresh integration of scriptural devotions, prayers and a compendium of verses of mercy, salvation, new beginnings, spiritual fulfillment and victory to help the reader going through deep formative divine processes to make what God originally intended.  We can expect as we trust and obey that our end will indeed be ultimately glorious no matter what we face because God is working His marvelous agenda.  It also contains lessons that warn that rebellion comes at a heavy cost and that repentance must not be delayed any further – reminding us also of our eternal home.  To walk with God, we need to be drawn to Him by His Spirit and renewed in our thoughts.  I pray that your mind will find that renewal as you study and meditate on the referenced verses.  God has not finished with you yet.  You will still come forth as gold. Be blessed as you read and sing along daily.

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