King Uzziah, Queen Esther, Ann Boleyn and Wealth

May God help us to die daily. Amen.   Every day I look at the Word, I hear God speaking His old truths which are ever living spirits through the ages in yet new and fresh ways for illumination and strength. The wisdom of God may seem simple, obvious and plain yet the powerful Prophet Isaiah missed it until he saw King Uzziah dead and then we read “He saw also the Lord”.  Why also? What is so attractive and compelling about Uzziah that even in death Isaiah’s gaze was fixed on him?

Isaiah 6 [1]  In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.

I dare confess to my more spiritual mentors that I thoroughly enjoyed recently watching “One Night with the King” featuring great actors like Omar Sharif and Peter O’Toole.  One Night With the King is an epic motion picture set in an ancient and exotic world of gripping adventure, intrigue and romance, that follows a young beautiful Jewish orphan who rises from peasant to Queen of Persia only to One Night With the Kingface the annihilation of her people. The film had it all – beauty, morality, lavish wealth, fantastic dreams coming true, exciting and witty conversation, suspense, wisdom and intellect, joys and thrills, honour, courage, valour, music, art …and Queen Esther had it all. Can we not have it all ?… Read on. 

The most important part of the plot was when she suddenly found herself facing the loss of all her dreams and her life suddenly threatened by the unmatchable intrigue of Haman the Agagite. Her response was to risk it all for God. She breached a protocol that demanded her very life. Mordecai informs Esther that the Jews only hope is for her to risk her life and go before the King unsummoned (a crime punishable by death) to intercede for her people. It is then that Esther utters those fateful words that have rung through the centuries, “If I perish, I perish,” as she races off with one last chance to save her people.

Esther saw her “King Uzziah” dead as she obeyed God. This did not just save her from a tragic end, but ushered a greater wealth and eternal honour in the annals of the history of her people. The greatest lesson was not her achievement to emerge as royalty but her short speech ending in “…If I perish I perish”.  The perishing of “I” in Christ… is the end of Uzziah and the beginning of divine wealth…the treasured secret of all those who will see God’s Heaven.

The Apostle Paul said in I Corinthians 15:31(amp) [31] I assure you by the pride which I have in you in your  fellowship and union with Christ Jesus our Lord, that I die daily  – I face death every day and die to self.

King Uzziah will not be ignored and Isaiah could not help but see him and certainly could not kill him. The Lord will not reign in our finances or indeed in anything else until He has helped us to dethrone Uzziah. The end of Uzziah is the beginning of eternal and limitless possibilities in all spheres for God. Only a few categories are listed as follows – they all tend to revolve around “self” in different ways. Uzziah was a king who came to the throne at the age of 16…started well but ended badly. What are the manifestations of Uzziah – the bewitching attractions of the modern era?   

  1. Human intellect and civil perfection producing great and “humble” well meaning performance imagined as pleasing to God. Humanism and traditions enslave the mind through corrupted education and media brainwashing. These are mental comforts that mask hidden ambitions and corruptions to enthrone man in all spheres even in the religious church and more so in the new so called post-church “free” movements now apparently emerging with new internet gurus.
  2. Subtle deviations to God’s complete word – propagating new and more palliative truths, beliefs and thought bondage supernaturally supervised and upheld by invisible overpowering hierarchies of spiritual wickedness.  Man is enthroned in scripture interpretation and revisions abound to serve different thirsts and evil agenda.
  3. Negative self promotion (thinking mankind is too bad for God‘s mercy and restoration) also enthrones man…opens channels for self-condemnation and Pharisaic accusation and silences divine compassion and intercession for revival.

Favour from men can be a bewitching culprit.  Ask another Queen, Ann Boleyn – one of the six wives of King Henry VIII described as “ a giddy womanAnne Boleyn of no stability of character, her success turned her head and caused her to behave with insolence and impropriety”  She did not have the help to say “if I perish I  perish” but nevertheless died a very involuntary and wicked death on Tower Green, her head being struck off with a sword by the executioner of Calais brought to England for the purpose.

The Holy Spirit is our helper and He helps us die daily. Without Uzziah’s death, Isaiah may have prophesied many things but not fulfilled his destiny. If Esther was not helped to see the dethronement of her dreams she would have surely ended up butchered sooner or later by the wicked schemes of Haman – not very different from Anne Boleyn.  If we do not go to the word of God and seek help from the Holy Spirit to die daily…wealth will become an executioner’s sword that studies all our passions and knows when best to strike.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, God helps us to die and then can freely give us what we can have…knowing it is for keeps…and He can very well decide not to…reserving a better resurrection.

As Esther lived the life of a peasant orphan, a queen in the palace and God’s heroine for all time.  Our life can also be seen in 3 segments.  First, before we knew Christ. Second, invitation into royalty as we surrender to Him and ultimately maturing into a life of daily death in Him. 

Let me end with a famous quote from my missionary friend, Sam Kputu. The real danger of drifting from Christ and Biblical Christianity is not that we will struggle to come back; the real danger is that we end up creating new “truths”, new values, new targets and new pivots for our lives. And we even begin to celebrate and propagate them. “Read your Bible and pray every day, if you want to grow…” Remember that Sunday School rhyme?”

And another local saying from a speech by another Nigerian friend – Pat Utomi  – speaking on the difference between leadership and management and the inevitable outcomes of bad leadership or absence of leadership in any nation… I found a link to face book for the article…

“The King that was enthroned and the city flourished, we know him – while, the king that was enthroned and the city diminished, we also know him” Nigerian proverb.

I am a poor politician to suggest that we let the Holy Spirit lead. In Recession or in the best of times we can stop managing ourselves … and soon we will surely see the difference.

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Have a blessed day. May God help us to shine in Him always. Amen.


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Celebrating 49 years of Greatness


Nigeria and China share the same independence anniversary on October 1. But while China is 60, this year, Nigeria is 49.  In Nigeria the celebrations have been low key…perhaps not so in China. Why then have I titled this blog 49 years of greatness? Are we talking about the same country?


I offer words of comfort to everyone who has ever been left wondering – why was I created thus?  Why am I the subject of so much ridicule, disdain and reproach? Why do I feel so despised though I know there is still so much good in me? Why do I have this conviction that greatness is my destiny – yet can only find evidence of decay, barrenness and corruption?

These were frequently the thoughts of David.  Indeed when he showed up at the battle with his brothers’ lunch pack, his older brother yelled at him. I Samuel 17[28] What are you doing here! Why aren’t you minding your own business, tending that scrawny flock of sheep? I know what you’re up to. You’ve come down here to see the sights, hoping for a ringside seat at a bloody battle!”

David learnt to celebrate God and what God had etched in his soul and not what was evident. He wrote these words.

Psalm139[14]  I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Psalm 139 [16]  Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them. [17]  How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them!

Of all the characters in the Bible, David was perhaps the most denied, humiliated, desperate and terrified…so much that we read in 1 Samuel 21 [11]  And the servants of Achish said unto him, Is not this David the king of the land? did they not sing one to another of him in dances, saying, Saul hath slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands? [12]  And David laid up these words in his heart, and was sore afraid of Achish the king of Gath. [13]  And he changed his behaviour before them, and feigned himself mad in their hands, and scrabbled on the doors of the gate, and let his spittle fall down upon his beard. [14]  Then said Achish unto his servants, Lo, ye see the man is mad: wherefore then have ye brought him to me? [15]  Have I need of mad men, that ye have brought this fellow to play the mad man in my presence? shall this fellow come into my house?

But “mad” David was the one God called the man after His heart, the one whose life replicated so much the sacrifice of the coming Messiah and whose praises, songs and obsession with God earned perhaps (apart from Jesus Christ himself) the most celebrated and prestigious title in the annals of scripture –  for Christ is called the son of David.

Join me in celebrating 49 years of greatness.  Nigeria, I pray that everything that was absent from God’s plan, on that day – before the foundations of the earth when you were conceived, will soon fade away. I do say the same prayer for someone out there reading  –  you will yet be celebrated in Christ Jesus. Amen.

More on God’s perspective on contemporary issues can be found in my recently published book Wealth out of Ashes .

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Have a blessed day. Amen.

Bode Ososami

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