The Patient Umaru Yaradua dies

I had just published and posted my article (not thinking of Umaru) on The Rich Fool (please do read this post) when later in the night I gathered the President of Nigeria – Umaru Yar’adua was now dead at 58 after prolonged illness. The News media reports him to be an accomplished leader, politician and successful and wealthy businessman. Very very wealthy we can be at least certain he was…also as Time Magazine tells us Umaru left a legacy of patient rule and realistic reform and wonders if acting President Goodluck Jonathan will follow his predecessor’s lead.

Nigerian politics has no dull moments even as former President Obasanjo pronounces that even “Jesus Christ” will be unable to conduct free, fair and accepted elections … a statement that chagrined the religious and must have given little hope to poor Jonathan now expected to wave the magic wand.

Worse things have been said about my Lord. The former President perhaps innocently sought a suitable metaphor to describe his perception of the character of the Nigerian electorate … who of course would rather take solace in seeing themselves as blameless sufferers in the hands of ruling ex-military and strong family cabals…and will react quickly against any reporting that portrays them as anything short of angels.

Isaiah 6 [1] In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple. [2] Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly. [3] And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory. [4] And the posts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke. [5] Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts.

I do sympathise with any prophet of unclean lips who must wait for the death of King Uzziah to really see His Lord after so many years in ministry…but much worse still are the many others who do not receive this grace from God and continue to analyse Uzziah or his predecessor and now his successor …or just continue with status-quo. As for the people of unclean lips speaking from deceived hearts, who will bring the live coal required for cleansing?

Perhaps a good new beginning for all people is to cease looking to men (even Presidents) and instead to seek God again with all our hearts, ready to accept the corrective scalding that is required to get right in our hearts…and our tongues.

Meanwhile, my condolences are to the family of the well-meaning President –perhaps (who knows) the real victim in the unfolding opera … and pray history when written will not be harsh on the memory of Umaru who told Time Magazine in an interview “I think people should know that you derive the greatest satisfaction from serving others, rather than serving yourself,”

Serving a people of unclean lips did not get him far…

Isaiah 6 [8] Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

God is seeking those who will serve him..

God bless you.


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