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The following links are to some more of my published material in Ezine articles that reflect further on the issues…Be blessed as you meditate on the word of God and the brief messages …

Involve the family in Recession-proof living and changes are ofcourse easier when we carry the home along.  Below is a picture of my wife, Bimbo and kids, Dolapo, Tosin and Mayowa.family2

We have Hidden assignments that are especially crucial in the immediacy of execution especially in times of Recession. Christians must arise with a sense of destiny at this time. Read more …

There are important steps without which little changes.  Debt is a major issue and must be tackled from a Christian perspective.  This means we have to adjust and leave certain habits and company.  Read more on leaving the swine

There are also some considerations that could help you change your mindset to a God-centred mind-set…Discover these important considerations… as well as more practical tips…Read more tips for the Recession-proof Christian life…(Simply click the underlined text to advance to articles)

If you have not read my book  “Wealth out of Ashes” …you should for more on debt-free living.

Enjoy the Youtube video …

Discover how a review of management ethics and values driven by Christian spiritual perspective has led to original insights into the Global Economic crises and a unique view on Wealth and Prosperity Matters based on the Bible. Wealth out of Ashes is a must read for anyone in trouble as it offers hope and reveals opportunities for us to emerge even stronger out of the current economic crises. It also contains practical instructions to restoring financial discipline and order in business and personal life for those ready for a new mind on “Wealth” matters. This book “Wealth out of Ashes”can make your Christian life “Recession proof”.

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Remain blessed …always.

Bode Ososami

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