Nehemiah 11:21 But the Nethinims dwelt in Ophel: and Ziha and Gispa were over the Nethinims.

The Nethinims were not Israelites. They served as slaves because there were not enough Levites in the Temple. God also ensures they were catered for, but note that they did not live with God’s priests. There is a sense in which we are God’s slaves … completely given to Him, but there is a greater sense in which we are friends, called to a higher and holy calling, bearing greater responsibilities and spiritual burdens for God. There is a hierarchy for slaves which differs from that of priests. The Levites had an intimate knowledge and contact with God and His laws, and represented the people before God. The Nethinims served and did useful chores and made important contributions. But Jesus told Mary and Martha, that Mary had chosen a better part.

Mary sat and listened to Jesus as he talked, but Martha complained that she was left with all the work. Jesus admonished Martha not to worry about small things, but to concentrate on what was important. The important thing was to be at the feet of Jesus.

Do you sense that you are constantly located at the feet of Jesus, learning, hearing and becoming one with Him who dwells in you. Or are you burdened with many assignments.

Do not be so busy or caught up in doing things that you forget that you could be sitting at the feet of the master – even in the boardroom He speaks His truth and comfort. He is not absent at your meetings. Where are you?

Verses for further meditation

Luke 10 :38-42 ; John 12: 1-8

Thoughts for Business and the work place
Reflect on your positioning. It is best to be in Him – close to Him, rather than be engaged but far from Him. When you are tempted to cut corners or quick to justify vices in the market place, it suggest you are far from Him – even though you bring your tithes.

Suggestions for Prayer
Lord, bring me back to you from where I have strayed away. Keep me always close. Amen

As Nehemiah’s wall was built, so will we see a reconstruction in all that may appear in distress and in waste. Nehemiah trusted and feared God, putting his faith in the Almighty whose strength is limitless to exceed all our expectations. Look out daily for Nehemiah’s Wall in 2015 and do invite friends to subscribe to the free email or social media posts.

I am praying someone with a burden to be used by God in building will receive a fresh vision and get the job done.

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