The Work of our God

Nehemiah 6:16 And it came to pass, that when all our enemies heard thereof, and all the heathen that were about us saw these things, they were much cast down in their own eyes: for they perceived that this work was wrought of our God.

When your friends and church members observe the work you have completed, they will quickly give glory to God before a close inspection…but not your enemies. The heathen will closely scrutinize the work to see if you did anything illegal, told a few lies…used a lot of exaggeration in marketing your ideas … they will check if you cut any corners in making due payments … if you underpay your staff or if you employed any deceptive methods … before they come to their own conclusions. When building for God, it is a great testimony when the heathen can examine the work and declare this is impossible for men to do, and must be the work of a great God. It is a great testimony, when your story is told and it defies all the methods and craftiness of men and exceeds all the virtues of mortals …and they have to come t the conclusion that it was wrought of your God.

It is difficult to deny the work of God because it is so compelling and so mindboggling to the intellect of men – beyond the comprehension of the learned. But it is also easy to know when this is not the work of God … when evil alliances propel the work …when evil sacrifices have been made …when marriage and children suffer … when bribes were given etc. There is a building that can never be said to be of God. May our lives glorify our great and holy God. We need to know God and be close to Him, dwelling in Christ to see His wonders through us. Chasing wonders can make us vulnerable and fall into deceptions.

Verses for further meditation
Numbers 23: 23; Jeremiah 18:3

Thoughts for Business and the work place
God’s Leaders know the God of the wonders and not just about the wonders of God.

Suggestions for Prayer
Lord, may your wonders be heard and seen by the heathen when they consider the works you have done through me. May my life cause glory to always return to you. Amen

As Nehemiah’s wall was built,  so will we see a reconstruction in all that may appear in distress and in waste.  Nehemiah trusted and feared God, putting his faith in the Almighty whose strength is limitless to exceed all our expectations. Look out daily for Nehemiah’s Wall in 2015 and do invite friends to subscribe to the free email or social media posts.

I am praying someone with a burden to be used by God in building will receive a fresh vision and get the job done.

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Signs and Wonders

Gen 45:27 And they told him all the words of Joseph, which he had said unto them: and when he saw the wagons which Joseph had sent to carry him, the spirit of Jacob their father revived.

Preaching the gospel without God’s signs and wonders following can make the great news of God sound to hearers like another myth. It is true that when the power of God is demonstrated in signs and wonders, this makes a difference to faith and hearts are revived. When we see the ten plagues of Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea and ask why did God do these things? It was not so that Pharaoh would release the children of Israel …indeed God actually hardened Pharaoh’s heart not to allow the freedom of the children of Israel until the appointed time. It was to revive the Israelites. The great display of signs such as the ten plagues of Egypt was to demonstrate to the Israelites – the greatness of their God. For many years they had seen the greatness of Egyptian witchcraft, God needed to show them the unsurpassed might of the great I AM. When signs and wonders demonstrate the power of God …it is easier for the chosen of God to surrender to Him. Jacob was revived as he saw the miracle of God’s providence hidden over the years but working so powerfully to bring the expected end to pass. I pray for a time of God’s power in the nations, for a time of great signs and wonders that millions will come to know of the Lord. I pray many that have backslidden will come home when they see again the power of God.


Great God of wonders! all Thy ways
Are matchless, Godlike, and divine;
But the bright glories of Thy grace
Above thine other wonders shine,
Above thine other wonders shine.

Who is a pard’ning God like Thee?
Or who has grace so rich and free?
Or who has grace so rich and free?

Such deep transgressions to forgive!
Such guilty sinners thus to spare!
This is Thy grand prerogative,
And in this honor none shall share;
And in this honor none shall share.

In wonder lost, with trembling joy,
We take the pardon of our God:
Pardon for crimes of deepest dye,
A pardon bought with Jesus’ blood,
A pardon bought with Jesus’ blood.

O may this glorious, matchless love,
This God-like miracle of grace,
Teach mortal tongues, like those above,
To raise this song of lofty praise,
To raise this song of lofty praise

Prayer: Lord, May that happy day that wipes away all previous days come. Amen

The Songs of Joseph is an integration of encouragement scriptural devotions, prayers and a compendium of songs of mercy, salvation, new beginnings and victory. We can expect as we trust and obey that our end will indeed be ultimately glorious because God works His marvellous agenda. Be blessed as you read and sing along, daily. Edited by Bolade Apampa

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