Against Them

Nehemiah 13:15 In those days saw I in Judah some treading wine presses on the sabbath, and bringing in sheaves, and lading asses; as also wine, grapes, and figs, and all manner of burdens, which they brought into Jerusalem on the sabbath day: and I testified against them in the day wherein they sold victuals.

There are people who deny Christ’s perfect rest. They want to present their own performance and goodness and encourage others to do likewise. They look at sinners and while they offer Christ, they also want to offer their good works in hating things that are evil – which is good … but their righteous works are still rags and cannot make them more glorious before God.

We should testify against those who deny the rest in Christ. We should not add chains and weights unto people’s lives when they are seeking for Christ to lift up their burdens. We cannot walk in Christ’s rest and in our own righteous works at the same time. Only one will stand … never both. If we do not testify against those who preach works we will embrace that doctrine and unable to enjoy the rest we have in Christ.

There are many who say that there are many ways apart from Christ … if we do not testify against this we will be unable to lead others into a saving salvation in Christ. Syncretism was common in the days of Nehemiah …i.e. worshipping the God of Israel and worshipping other gods as well…with equal zeal. Only a firm stance, a strong stand for God and a clear testimony against other religions claiming an alternative way to salvation …will make the way clear for people to see the rest that is in no other name but Christ.

Verses for further meditation
Exodus 33:14; Hebrews 3:11

Thoughts for Business and the work place
The peace and rest we have in Christ is not like any other

Suggestions for Prayer
Lord, give me that peace that world does not have, and cannot give nor understand. Amen

As Nehemiah’s wall was built, so will we see a reconstruction in all that may appear in distress and in waste. Nehemiah trusted and feared God, putting his faith in the Almighty whose strength is limitless to exceed all our expectations. Look out daily for Nehemiah’s Wall in 2015 and do invite friends to subscribe to the free email or social media posts. I am praying someone with a burden to be used by God in building will receive a fresh vision and get the job done.

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Gen 50:11 And when the inhabitants of the land, the Canaanites, saw the mourning in the floor of Atad, they said, This is a grievous mourning to the Egyptians: wherefore the name of it was called Abelmizraim, which is beyond Jordan.

Abelmizraim means “this is a grievous mourning to the Egyptians”. When Egypt observe the mourning they were somewhat perturbed or at best surprised if not aggrieved by it. The world does not understand why the Lord Jesus would say “Blessed are they who mourn ….” Why should God’s children mourn …for a man that has lived to such a mature age. The world will urge us not to mourn, but instead to laugh and be happy …essentially …just live for pleasure. Any further sorrowing or grave soberness when Egypt has offered the best of Goshen is not quite what Egypt expected. Why should the brethren mourn when the best of Egypt is at their beck and call? The call to repent, to fast …to mourn for sin when the world tells us we are doing well is a call that irritates the world. The message of the world is enjoy… but your best life is certainly not now !

Luke 6: 25 Woe unto you that are full! for ye shall hunger. Woe unto you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn and weep.

The Bible is full of pictures that lets us see He saves the best for the last. His Eternity in Heaven is His best. His way is to serve the best wine last…the way of the antichrist is the exact opposite. Eternal damnation is the worst of all worst case scenarios…and it is saved also for the last. Christians are told especially in the end-times to endure … and that it will be worth the wait. The antichrist says there is nothing to wait for so don’t miss out on the joys of the moment at the expense of your soul. Christ suffered and was acquainted with grief … initially … before His glorification.

Egypt is still going to mourn many generations later when it is plagued and its soldiers drowned in the sea. Then Israel will truly laugh and dance. It will be worth the wait. Wait on God. God has saved the best for the last. Rejoice that there is a tomorrow that is assured. Those who wait for God to complete His processes in their lives and bring His victory at the right time will laugh last. Many in the world who are grieved at the soberness of the saints will one day mourn unstoppably…when the saints find eternal bliss as tears are finally wiped away. Remember … Israel laughed last. You will laugh last.


Alas! and did my Savior bleed – And did my Sovereign die?
Would He devote that sacred head – For such a worm as I?
Thy body slain, sweet Jesus, Thine— And bathed in its own blood—
While the firm mark of wrath divine, His Soul in anguish stood.

Was it for crimes that I had done – He groaned upon the tree?
Amazing pity! grace unknown! And love beyond degree!
Well might the sun in darkness hide – And shut his glories in,
When Christ, the mighty Maker died, For man the creature’s sin.

Thus might I hide my blushing face – While His dear cross appears,
Dissolve my heart in thankfulness, – And melt my eyes to tears.
But drops of grief can ne’er repay – The debt of love I owe:
Here, Lord, I give my self away – ’Tis all that I can do.

Prayer : Lord, teach me to wait and set my eyes on the glory that is ahead. Amen

The Songs of Joseph is an integration of encouragement scriptural devotions, prayers and a compendium of songs of mercy, salvation, new beginnings and victory. We can expect as we trust and obey that our end will indeed be ultimately glorious because God works His marvellous agenda. Be blessed as you read and sing along, daily. Edited by Bolade Apampa

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