The Rock (Video/TV media)


Why “The Rock” ? As we brace up for a global recovery we suddenly discover new storms in 2010 … earthquakes, floods, eruptions and “freak weather” and so much seems to be unavoidably imminent in the horizon …coming perhaps inevitably to all …irrespective of faith.

But indeed Jesus Christ explained that though challenges and trials come to all…there are those that will be found still standing – counting it all joy – while some will be ruined greatly. I have often felt many would value truths and insights on surviving storms and what the Bible says about the Rock and the anchor that holds firm. Many (myself inclusive) with benefit of hindsight cherish the lost opportunity to benefit from teachings that focus on vital corrections and adjustments that perhaps few are bold to point out to guarantee future stability.

The Rock is Jesus Christ– the sure foundation in tempestuous times. As you listen to these series of messages, I pray the Holy Spirit will anoint the words … perhaps only a phrase will be what God will use to put you back on your feet. Keep glowing…. the sense of a coming storm can be a blessed opportunity to revisit and overhaul spiritual foundation situations and fix hidden cracks in the building.

God has helped us to restructure this first part of the series THE ROCK into themed episodes.  Each episode being made of two half-hour messages related to the theme of the Episode.   You may directly click to the episode you want to see or use the submenu under “ The Rock – TV/Video” to go to the teaching.

Episode 1: Preparing to Build

Episode 2: Important Issues and Warnings

Episode 3: Building on Jesus Christ alone

Episode 4: Unshakeable Truths to survive storms

Episode 5: Holy Communion  – Remember Jesus

Episode 6: Spiritual Warfare

Episode 7: How to always end well

Episode 8: The Precious Rock

Episode 9: Sanctification & Refreshments in The Rock

Episode 10:The Work of the Holy Spirit

Episode 11:  Jesus Christ – The Rock of Mercy

Episode 12: The Awesome Rock

May you be richly blessed as you listen.


(We encourage you if you do not have a very high speed internet to initially allow the message to download on your screen…this may take a while depending on the speed of your connection – God bless you)


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