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Is it possible to improve on your lifestyle as you embrace holiness?  Indeed there are real illustrations of what works.  Click into a case study on how a family successfully shed off $106,000 in debt – by disciplining themselves and making adjustments to become financially fit . Also see  Living on Cash-only  for more success stories.

This page provides simple tools that can be used to improve on the Christian lifestyle and encourage new disciplines even as we are led and guided by the word and Spirit of God.  The tool is relevant to Christians earning an income but concerned about the stewardship of that which God has given.  You can design a lifestyle that pleases God especially as it pertains to money and wealth.

Christian Lifestyle Intelligence Score Tool

In Wealth out of Ashes, we learnt about ensuring our financial habits do not creep out of control and this section introduces aids to consider the issues more deliberately.

The tool provides a view on  lifestyle as it pertains to financial matters and provides a score to help you track progress as you make improvement adjustments.  An abridged version is shown below.  Enter your score on a key of 1-5. Please ensure you double click to enter the score and pls answer all questions. Scroll down to respond to all 25 questions and see Total Intelligence score.

To use the tool please answer all 25 questions using a scale of 1 to 5 with the following key.


  1. No, almost never…not even remotely applicable.
  2. Only very rarely…only minimally applicable.
  3. Yes, sometimes, but not frequently…maybe somewhat applicable.
  4. Yes, quite frequently…well, almost my exact situation.
  5. Yes, happens all the time…most applicable…my situation exactly.

Download the full version of the tool …( the wordpress version was discontinued) Christian Lifestyle Design Tool … below is a guide on interpreting your score

Interpretation of Total Christian Lifestyle Intelligence Score

60-100  Good, prayerfully make adjustments to be closer to the 100 mark

40- 60   You have many areas to work on though perhaps above the average

<40        Much sacrifices & adjustments required to approach the contented life

Please see the full version of the tool below for further analyses and interpretation of  your results… Christian Lifestyle Design Tool


Basic Financial Model to support development of Expense tracking/Budgets and Net Worth

This tool can help you begin to budget and manage finances more proactively.  You can also determine your net worth and track changes and respond appropriately. I pray this tool will introduce some discipline in managing money and will help make you a better steward.

Please download the full version of the tool below.

Basic Family-personal Financial model

If new to spreadsheets please begin by referring to these Excel Tutorial links.

Do have fun with these tools…but remember to let the Holy Spirit remain – as always – in firm control.

Listen to an audio teaching on managing finances for more on managing family finances. MP3 Sermons

God bless you. Amen

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